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I'm Kellie, the owner/designer/originator of Pickle Toes

Patterns.  Why Pickle Toes?  Well, I am a mom of 2

awesome boys that happen to have smelly pickle toes; at

least that's what I used to tell them when they were little.

That's how the name came about, but how did the business

come to be?


Well, I started out just a clothing designer making custom

children's clothing because I couldn't find cute clothing for my

boys.  Boys' clothes eventually grew into girls' clothing, which

grew into making original designs.  To make original designs,

I had to make original patterns.  Although I had been making

my own patterns for years, it wasn't until 2013 that I decided

to try my hand at making my own line of patterns.  The only

problem was I didn't know how to computer draft them.  I

paid someone to draft my first bear pattern, then an illness

put my pattern making on hold for 2 years.  In the fall of

2015, I picked back up with more bear patterns until I was

sure I had computer drafting down, then I started doing the

patterns for the clothing I loved so much.  In the summer of

2016, I had another health scare, but I had already added 2

team members by then.  We started back up again in

January of this year (2017) and have since added 2 more

team members.   I hope you will enjoy each of my patterns as

much as I've enjoyed creating them.  I absolutely love seeing

what you've created, so please join my group and share

those pics on Facebook.  


I would like to introduce you to Tara Anderson and Jennifer

King.  Tara is my right hand woman in my business.  She

keeps me organized and we have big plans together.  Jen 

is our resident graphics designer and helper of all things.  I 

haven't found anything Jen can't do, yet.



I’m Tara, the designer of all things little!  

I started my journey with Pickle Toes Patterns in the winter of

2016 as a tester for Kellie.  I quickly fell in love with Kellie’s

designs and her sizing that included husky sizing for my

boys.  I became an admin for Kellie shortly after my 2nd test.

 We have had a great partnership from the start.  


I have 4 children ages 5, 8, 12, and 17.  I’m pretty much

running crazy all day long with them, but I wouldn’t have it

any other way.  


I started designing doll patterns this year for Kellie.  I love tiny

sewing and making matching outfits for my daughter, so it’s a

great fit for me.  Designing patterns was a natural

progression from sewing for my business.  I had been

making a lot of custom doll outfits for my customers, and it

grew from there. I also design patterns for hair accessories,

which is where I got my start with my custom business.  I

hope to grow as a designer.  You learn something new every



I also write the blog for for Pickle Toes.  Blogging about our

patterns is pretty fun!  I enjoy writing, letting everyone know

what we have been doing, and what’s coming up.  It’s

amazing to see how much we can accomplish in just a




Pickle Toes Patterns is not just a business, we are a family.  I

hope you enjoy sewing our patterns as much as we enjoy

making them.  



Hello all! I’m Jen,  Pickle Toes Pattern’s graphic designer and


one of the Facebook group's admins. I enjoy making “things”


beautiful. Whether it’s on a screen, printed, or worn I find


there’s always some way to improve visually for others. The


first “design” I focused on was hair. I was a cosmetologist for


7 years and managed a salon for the last few years of


practicing. I returned to school to pursue my career as a


Graphic Designer and graduated in 2015.

I was lucky enough to marry my best friend and we have 3


beautiful children together. They range from 10 to 2. So when


I discovered Pickle Toes Patterns in 2016, I was thrilled to


see the large size range Kellie offered. My dad and great


grandmother taught me to sew when I was younger and I had


recently picked it back up, when I saw a testing call for The


Adorabelle. I had never tested a pattern before and was so


excited to have been chosen. I was hooked on PTP from


there on out. I loved how friendly Kellie was and how fun the


testing process was.


I just recently joined the PTP team but I’ve been a


“cheerleader” for a while. I’m so excited for everything that is


soon to come and beyond thrilled to be a part of it!




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