Preorder to help Judy Kinney and Hope Sheehan-Fine Art Prints

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Preorder for Judy Kinney and Hope Sheehan- Fine Art Prints

 These are paintings that I (Kellie Davis) painted to help Judy Kinney and Hope Sheehan.  Proceeds from sales will go to help Judy and her family get a home as they are being made to move next month and to help Hope get to see her father one last time.  We would like to help them, so we are offering prints of these 8 paintings.  From now through June 10th, we will take preorders for these fine art prints.  They will not ship until after 6/10 and will take up to 4 weeks from end of preorder.
A fine art print is a copy of the painting printed using archival quality inks on watercolor quality paper.  It will look like a painting at around 60% off the price of an original painting.



Please do not use coupon codes with this order as it only takes away from how much we can help Judy and Hope and the order will be refunded.  



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